Laboratory Equipment Suppliers Australia

Scientific laboratory equipment suppliers for the industrial, mining and civil sectors.

Laboratory Analysers Australia is an experienced and knowledgeable laboratory equipment supplier whose primary function is delivering scientific analysers to the civil, mining and industrial sectors. Our services include research and development of samples, mining and mineral processing, and element analysis.

As certified lab testing equipment suppliers, importers and researchers of life science products, physics equipment and environmental readers, amongst others, we understand the importance of precision and efficiency in sample analysis. We stock products and equipment for biological, chemical and life science research and deliver to clients across Australia.

Our product catalogue includes a range of elemental laboratory analysers and a host of equipment to complement these, including our range of consumables.

Our team maintains a strong emphasis on reliable service and support; servicing small and large-scale clients, we pride ourselves on providing support, seven days a week.

Lab Equipment

We provide industrial testing equipment that aids the scientific community across Australia. Speak to our qualified team about our mercury analysers,  carbon sulphur analysers, and ICP spectrometers, each of which offer excellent performance.

Our highly engineered range of lab equipment products features technologically advanced instrumentation that detects trace levels in a wide variety of organic and non-organic materials. Used for quality control, catalyst analysing, and identifying, these machines offer various testing capabilities using combustion, non-combustion and non-destructive means.

Elemental Analysis Services

Our elemental analysis services are performed using state-of-the-art analysers and testers. We analyse and identify elemental compositions of a wide range of samples provided by the industrial, mining and civil industries.

The level of service from our qualified team, combined with the equipment available, means that you can efficiently detect elemental traces from parts per million (ppm) through to sub parts per trillion (ppt) through strict sample preparation methods.

If you are looking for scientific lab equipment suppliers, contact us – to discuss your requirements.