Hudson Robotics Inc.

We were pleased to host Joe Matthews, Account Manager, Applications Specialist from Hudson Robotics Inc. at our premises this week.  We are delighted to advise that we are now a distributor of a range of Hudson products.

Service Training of our Engineers

Greg, one of our Service Engineers has just completed Atomic Absorption Spectrometer service training at GBC in Melbourne. Julian will be attending GBC Penang in the next couple of months to complete Atomic Absorption Spectrometer service training.

The History & Health Effects of Mercury


Old and dangerous: The pitfalls and past of Mother Nature’s liquid metal Mercury is an organic substance so it’s safe, right? No, it’s not. Mercury liquid is shiny and beautiful but it is also extremely dangerous. Historically, elemental mercury – known as ‘quicksilver’ – was favoured by the ancient Greeks, Chinese and Romans, each of which we [...]

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