Mercury Analysers

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Fully automated mercury analysers for solids, liquids and semi-solids.

Laboratory Analysers Australia supplies laboratory products and services to civil, industrial and mining labs across the country. Our services include mining and mineral processing, commercial analysis products, and research and development facilities. We also provide a range of scientific analysers, such as the mercury analyser and spectrometers to clients across Australia.

If your industry calls for specialised analysis to detect mercury in various forms, our range of products includes the Teledyne Leeman Hydra and QuickTrace systems for elemental mercury testing and analysing. This particular range of automated mercury analysers addresses the analysis of solids, semi-solids and liquids.

The Hydra IIAA Mercury, QuickTrace M-7600 and QuickTrace M-8000 mercury analysers are considered the pinnacle of productivity and performance for organic mercury in aqueous samples, because they deliver what is required to meet the stringent demands of laboratories around the world, no matter what standard you are working to.

Designed and engineered for down to sub parts-per-trillion (PPT) detection limits, exceptional stability and unique over-range protection, this design easily satisfies the most regulated QCs. Engineered with a high-capacity auto-sampler, and large CCV/CCB containers, this model allows for longer periods of unattended operation.

The Hydra IIC (Combustion) mercury analyser, which is the epitome of mercury analysis made simple, is ideal for solid, semi-solid and even some liquid samples for determination of organic mercury content. This machine eliminates the complex chemistry and hazardous waste associated with conventional mercury techniques.

Contact us today to find out more about our range of mercury analysers and which best suits your specific requirements. We look forward to offering you comprehensive assistance for your laboratory requirements.