Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment

Elemental analysis lab equipment suppliers for the industrial sector

Laboratory Analysers Australia is a supplier of laboratory equipment throughout Australia. We provide analysis instruments equipment to the civil, industrial and mining sectors. Due to the nature of the industry our range of lab equipment is engineered for razor-sharp precision and accuracy capabilities.

We understand the need for quality apparatus to complement our range of technologically advanced lab equipment, which is why we offer a selection of accessories including assay furnaces, loading and pouring systems, and die and fusion sets.

Choose a machine that will provide you with fast results, precision, efficiency and a return on investment. Our range of testers, analysers and spectrometers are used for sample testing and preparation, particle sizing and metallurgical analysis.


Largely used to measures magnetite in iron ore, the Satmagan system analyses non-magnetic and magnetic samples. The elemental analysis time is estimated at one minute with a 0.4% error margin. Given the difficulty in measuring magnetic compounds, this machine is user-friendly, reliable and provides fast results. The Satmagan system is favoured by the mining industry because it can analyse various sample forms from powders to solids.

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Thermogravimetric Analysers

Known as TGA, Thermo-Gravimetric Analysers measure the chemical and physical physical properties, mass and temperature changes in various materials. Specimens are placed in a purpose-built chamber, subjected to increased temperatures and then assessed on the mass and physical changes that take place in this controlled environment. The TGA equipment offers precise results by means of a pan, built in furnace and a thermocouple that monitors temperature measurements.

Our range of TGA equipment provide accurate results, which are output in horizontal, curved or inflection options, depending on what is required.

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