Nieka G-Series

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A superior control of the fusion process is the starting point of first-class analytical results.

Nieka® have used their strong experience from the fusion industry and forged an instrument that is the perfect fit for the most demanding high-throughput fusion laboratories.  Downtime is your enemy and using the best tool is your only way to remain on top and delivery results on time.

Nieka® have spent thousands of hours creating just what you need; a high-throughput instrument that creates perfectly homogenous samples for analysis with no surprise.  Thanks to Nieka® exclusive monitoring features, you avoid the unpredictable, even if you are off-site.

For the first time in a gas fluxer, the G-Series offers a reliable temperature monitoring of the fusion process (patent pending).  Nothing has been left aside, from perfect monitoring to perfect fusion:  this will lead you to premium analytical results.

Nieka® Fluxers are available with four (model G4) or eight burners (model G8).

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