Mining & Mineral Processing

Elemental analysis is critical in Mineral Processing, from exploration to grade control in the plant. Atomic Absorption and Inductively Coupled Plasma instruments measure the elemental concentrations for precious metals & base metals, while Carbon Sulpfur determinators assist in how the ore is processed. Iron ore analysis utilises XRF analysis technique [...]

Commercial Analysis Laboratories

Commercial laboratories perform a wide array of assays for a diverse range of customers. Atomic Absorption and Inductively Coupled Plasma are used for most elemental analysis while Carbon & Sulfur are measured using Infrared Combustion Analysers such as the CS800 or CS580. When XRF analysis is used, the analysis is usually supported with TGA for loss on [...]

Research & Development Facilities

For elemental analysis to PPT levels, the ICP-tof-MS will measure your samples in either aqueos or solid form. For higher concentrations, Atomic Absorption and Inductively Coupled Plasma instruments can measure from PPM to % levels. The Cintra range of UV/Visible Spectrometers covers the full UV/VIS and price spectrum, from the 101 budget priced dou [...]

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